A phone call from Santa!

“Ho ho ho - It's not always easy to know what kids really want for Christmas, so I thought I would jolly well ask them myself! Just leave your details below and I'll call up to ask your child what they'd like for Christmas. I'll also record their wish-list and send it to you as a voice email for you to treasure forever.”

Santa calls are free, and are available to everyone in New Zealand. Brought to you with love and Season's Greetings by Cookie Time Christmas Cookies. Sales of Christmas Cookies support a cause that counts - with part of the proceeds each year going to the Cookie Time Charitable Trust which helps Kiwi kids in two main areas: innovation in learning and thinking differently, dyslexia. This year we are again focusing on dyslexia - and will be making a $50,000 donation to fund ongoing work in this area. A huge thank you to all Christmas Cookies fans who make this sweet contribution possible! Click here to find out more.

Listen to a sample call Listen to a sample call

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